Coordination during a Disaster is Critical


Solano VOAD (formerly COAD) is the vehicle in Solano County, California for coordinating private sector, non-profit & community based organizations, the faith community, and government agencies serving human and animal needs following a disaster.

We facilitate partnerships, provide training, and foster effective service delivery to those affected by disasters in Solano County through the collaboration of community agencies throughout the disaster cycle – preparedness, response, and recovery.

What is a “VOAD”?

VOAD stands for “Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster. A VOAD is a local group of community organizations that coordinates emergency human services, while working in concert with partner agencies, including the local emergency management agency and social service agencies, during all stages of a disaster. This video explains the development of a VOAD.

Solano County California Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.

50 Years of National VOAD

National VOAD celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2020. This mini-documentary explores the iconic disaster events that helped shape the National VOAD Movement.

Voices of Solano 
Emergency Response Preparation Campaign

Major Randy Hartt, The Salvation Army explains the importance of monetary and gift card donations during a disaster. 

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